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A Guide to Choosing the Right Fence for Your Property

Looking to install a new fence? By working with professional custom fence contractors like ourselves, we can help you come up with a solution that meets both your needs and personal style.

At Montco Fence, we believe it’s important to have a clear understanding of the reasons why you want a fence, as it can help you determine the ideal type of fence for your property. Whether you want to secure your pool, keep your pets in, improve privacy or hide a street view, working with professional fence installers in Delaware County can help you find a fence that best meets your requirements. 

Use this handy guide to find the right fencing solution for your property and apply this in your search when looking for custom fence contractors in your local area. 

Reasons to Install a Fence

There are several reasons to install a fence around your property. Identifying the goal will help you in choosing the right type of fence. When you work with custom fence contractors, they can help you choose the right fence based on your specifications.

  • Security – As a custom fence contractor, security is one of the biggest reasons to install a fence for both commercial and residential. If you are a homeowner, you may be looking to safeguard your property and family against intruders. As a business owner, the security of your property and employees is your biggest priority. Ideally, you will want to look for fencing materials that are difficult for people to go through, under or over. 
  • Curb Appeal – Apart from serving a practical purpose, having a fence can instantly boost a property’s curb appeal. If you want to install fencing to improve your property’s street appeal, our custom fence contractors recommend installing ornamental fences as they add a touch of elegance.
  • Privacy – There are several reasons why you may want to improve the privacy of your property. No matter the reason, when it comes to improving privacy, you must consider the height and material of the fence panels.
  • Safety – Many homeowners with pools, pets or small children choose to install fencing for safety reasons. A fence not only helps keep your children and pets from leaving your property, but they also keep outsiders from entering your property.

Factors to Consider When Choosing a Fencing Solution 

  • Size – The purpose of your fence will determine the size. When you work with custom fence contractors, they can help you determine the height that will work best for the materials you prefer, and for the purpose of your fence.
  • Budget – The type of fencing solution you choose will, to a great extent, depend on your budget. With several options to choose from, you can find something that meets your needs without going over the top. By working with reputable and trustworthy custom fence contractors, they can help you choose a solution to suit your budget.
  • Durability – If you want to install a fence for security reasons, you must choose a material that’s difficult to cut or break through. Consider fencing materials with limited horizontal rails to keep away fence climbers. You will also want to choose a material that will stand the test of time. 
  • Maintenance – Whether or not a material is easy to maintain is another huge factor that determines the type of fence you choose. By hiring custom fence contractors, they can help you choose the right material based on the amount of time you want to spend on maintaining your fence. As an aluminum fence company, we highly recommend choosing an aluminum fence if you’re looking for something that requires little to no maintenance.

Types of Fences

  • Wood fences – Wood fences are a popular choice as they provide a natural and attractive aesthetic appeal that can complement the property’s overall design. Also, wood fences can offer excellent privacy and security, making them ideal for homes or businesses in high-traffic areas. With their versatility, they can often be customized by custom fence contractors to fit almost any property size or shape, and can last for many years if properly maintained. 
  • Aluminum fences – Although aluminum fencing isn’t ideal for privacy, it helps keep pets and kids from leaving the property while keeping out intruders. What’s more, they are extremely easy to maintain too as they don’t rust like your regular wrought-iron fence. As an Ardmore fence company, our custom fence contractors highly recommend aluminum fencing as it’s durable, aesthetically pleasing and made of high quality materials.
  • Vinyl fences – Vinyl is another popular option among homeowners looking for a maintenance-free solution. It is extremely durable, requires minimal maintenance and is available in a variety of colors and styles. 
  • Chain link fences – Chain link fences offer several benefits for both commercial and residential properties. Firstly, they are affordable and provide an economical solution for property owners who need to secure their premises without breaking the bank. Secondly, they are durable and require minimal maintenance, which makes them a cost-effective long-term investment. Additionally, chain link fences are versatile and can be customized to fit different property sizes and shapes, as well as different security needs. 

Searching for a Fence Company in Delaware County?

Your search for reliable custom fence contractors ends at Montco Fence. We are a professional fence company offering quality craftsmanship and unmatched service to residential and business properties in and around Delaware County PA, Montgomery County PA, Chester County PA, Southampton County PA, Bucks County PA, Berks County PA and Lehigh County PA

What sets Montco Fence apart from other fencing companies is our commitment to using only the highest-quality materials. We understand that a fence is an investment in your property, and it should be built to last. That’s why they use only top-grade wood, vinyl, chain-link or aluminum, fencing materials for every project we undertake. If you are looking to install a new fence on your property, contact Montco Fence for a free fence quote!

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Rajasekar Shanmugam
Rajasekar Shanmugam
Had used them to install the Jeridth Aluminum fence for our backyard. The installers arrived around 11AM on the scheduled day. Had discussed and walked around the property to understand our needs. Did a very decent job of providing their expert opinion on the property line alignment for the fencing and completed the job the same day around 5:30PM. Our experience with them on the installation has been awesome and the best part I like is the after sales support / responsiveness from the office...:) They definitely deserve 5 star review.- Raj
Deb DeMarco
Deb DeMarco
Montco fence did out backyard fence and they were great to work with from start to finish. Their installers were delightful, polite, explained everything they were going to do and completed the job in two days. I would highly recommend Montco if you are thinking about a fence. We have also ordered a shed from Montco, we cannot wait until that is done so our backyard is complete! Thank you to everyone at Montco Fence for making this a pleasant experience!
John Whitaker
John Whitaker
I can't say enough about the 2 crews we had for our fence installation. The first crew dug (by hand) the post holes, set the posts and cemented them in. The dirt was raked smooth or it that wasn't possible they moved it to a different location and raked it smooth. I figured the second crew (who built the fence on site 2 days later ) couldn't be better, but they were equally as good and exceptional in discussing how the fence would look when completed and did we approve of their installation plans. Everything was cleaned up before they left and the fence looks great. I recommend this company very highly.
Kimberly Lloyd
Kimberly Lloyd
Nice people. Very helpful
Anthony Pilla
Anthony Pilla
Montco fence did a great job installing our fence! They were very timely and professional. They provided a quick and fair quote. The job was completed in a timely manner. Customer service was great. They cleaned up the yard when finished and our fence looks amazing! Would definitely use again in the future and recommend them!
Amy Hennessey
Amy Hennessey
Very professional and will use them again