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Why Aluminum Fence Installation is Essential for Pool Safety

Swimming is a fun activity that people of all ages can enjoy. It’s the perfect way to beat the summer heat. Investing in an aluminum fence installation for your swimming pool is an excellent way to keep your pool safe while staying cool during the dog days of summer.

Owning a pool affords you the luxury of a pool party, late-night dip, or low-impact workout. You can take a dip without worrying about traffic, crowds, or time.

As a pool owner, safety should be your biggest priority. That’s where pool fencing comes into the picture. Sure, it’s important to keep the pool filter clean and the pH ratio in balance. However, installing an aluminum fence is even more important as it can help keep you and your family safe.

If you are searching for a fence installer, contact Monto Fence today. Read on to learn more about pool safety and the benefits of aluminum fence installation.

Pool Safety

Owning a swimming pool brings immense joy. However, safety is equally important. If you own a pool, it’s important to implement the appropriate pool safety measures.

  1. The first rule of pool safety is to never swim alone. If you do plan on taking a solo dip, be sure to tell someone first. And never let children around the pool unsupervised. Even if your children know how to swim, never let them swim alone. Supervision is the most effective way to prevent drowning and ensure your child is safe in the pool.
  1. The second aspect of pool safety is to equip yourself with life-saving skills. Invest in equipment like a safety hook and a floatation device, and ensure they are easily accessible at all times.
  1. The third aspect of pool safety is ensuring your pool cannot be accessed accidentally by adults or children. Even pets may harm themselves if they fall into a pool by accident. Aluminum fence installation is an effective way to protect your family from accidental drowning.

At Montco Fence, we offer American-made pool fencing products that stand the test of time while enhancing your property. Talk to our friendly fencing installation team today for more information.

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Why Should You Install a Pool Fence?

Aside from pool fences being required by law, the biggest benefit of having aluminum fencing installation is that it acts as an efficient barrier, preventing people from accidentally wandering into the pool.

Although children are most susceptible to accidental drowning, it could happen to anyone. For example, a child may wander off and accidentally enter the pool, and it can be too late before they realize they are drowning.

Even fully conscious adults may step backward without looking and fall into the pool accidentally. If they lose consciousness, hit their head, or are injured, they may not be able to swim back to safety.

According to the CDC, every year, about 4,000 people die from unintentionally drowning in the United States. Of those, 20% are children under the age of 14 years.

Pets are in danger too. Although most dogs can make a paddling motion, not all dogs can swim instinctively.

An aluminum fence installation can reduce unintended access to the pool, thereby preventing accidental falls and unintentional drownings. Fencing that encapsulates the pool from all sides and isolates it from the house is highly effective at preventing children from accessing the pool area unsupervised.

Apart from preventing accidental falls, an aluminum fence installation offers a sense of privacy while keeping unwanted visitors out of your pool.

At Monto Fence, we take pride in providing reliable aluminum fencing solutions to clients throughout the Southeastern region of Pennsylvania. Our fence installers in Delaware County will take the time to understand your requirements to provide a turnkey solution. Get in touch with us today to discuss your pool fencing requirements.

Benefits of Aluminum Fence Installation for Pool Safety

Aluminum fence installation offers a sturdy yet stylish solution to keep your pool safe and secure for children, pets, and even wildlife. Here are some of the benefits of aluminum fencing installation:

  • Aesthetics – Aluminum fencing is not only functional but stylish too. Available in a range of styles, colors, and designs, aluminum fence installation can give your pool an aesthetic upgrade.
  • Safety – When it comes to safety, you deserve the best. Installed by professionals, our aluminum fencing can help protect your loved ones while helping you comply with local regulations.
  • Long Lasting – Aluminum fencing is known for its durability. It’s a popular fencing material for residential and commercial pools. Aluminum is corrosion and rust-resistant and can stand on its own against the elements.
  • Low Maintenance – Since aluminum does not rust, it is easy to maintain. At Montco Fence, our aluminum fencing products are powder coated, which makes them durable and easy to maintain. What’s more, aluminum is fade resistant too, which means you won’t have to refinish it either.
  • Cost-Effective – Aluminum fence installation is an excellent choice if you want to be cost-effective due to its wide range of benefits such as durability, safety, and versatility. Moreover, because there’s minimal maintenance required, an aluminum fence installation does not cost you much in the long term.

Design and Style Options for Aluminum Fencing

When it comes to design options for aluminum fencing installation, you will have plenty of choices. Aluminum pool fencing is available in an array of colors. Choose a powder finish you like or select the panels that best match your home’s exterior.

Visit the aluminum fencing section on our website to explore your options. Whether you choose from Jerith Aluminum Fences Legacy Series or Jerith Aluminum Fences Liberty Series, you are assured of quality designs and superior workmanship.

Pool Safety with Montco Fence, Your Local Aluminum Fence Company

If you are searching for an Ardmore fence company, Havertown fence company, or Bryn Mawr Fence Company, look no further. At Montco Fence, we offer professional and reliable fencing solutions. With over 50+ years of experience in aluminum fence installation, we can help you make an informed decision. Contact us today for a free fence estimate.

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5 Factors To Consider When Searching For Aluminum Fence Installers

When it comes to enhancing your property’s curb appeal, security and privacy, it’s important to find the best fit aluminum fence installers to do the job right the first time. With so many different aluminum fence companies in the Delaware County PA area, it can be difficult to know where to start. 

To ensure that you get the best quality fence and installation, here are 5 important factors you should consider when looking for an aluminum fence company. This includes reviewing the fence company’s customer service, cost estimate, quality of work, warranties, and most importantly, that they are licensed and insured.

By applying these 5 key points in your search for the best fit aluminum fence installers for your project, you will be able to make a better and more informed decision. This can help protect your investment while also allowing you to enjoy a beautiful fence for years to come!

1.) Take into Consideration the Customer Service of Aluminum Fence Installers

If you are considering the installation of an aluminum fence, one of the most important factors to consider is the customer service of your installer. Consider the reputation of your aluminum fence installers by making sure they show consistency in their customer service and are communicative throughout the process. This can give you some assurance that your project will run smoothly and efficiently all the way up to the date of completion.

When you are getting a new fence, the last thing you want is for your fence to be incorrectly installed or have issues shortly after being put in place. A reputable aluminum installer should be knowledgeable on all aspects related to installing aluminum fences properly. It’s a good sign if they have years of experience, because this shows that the company has longevity and has been successful in installing fences for countless other homeowners and businesses. Additionally, they should be willing to work with you throughout the entire process from planning the initial project to the date of completion. This includes providing feedback on specific needs and expectations as well as making sure everything goes according to plan in order for you to achieve your desired results.

2.) Cost of Aluminum Fence Installation

Obviously, cost is an important factor to keep in mind when it comes to any big decision or home improvement project. Aluminum fence installation costs can vary a bit from one fence company to another. Therefore, it’s a good idea to get several different quotes before making a final decision. Most companies will provide a free fence estimate containing the total cost of an aluminum fence installation project including the fence, materials, and labor. 

However, it is important to keep in mind the old adage, “you get what you pay for.” You don’t always want to default to the lowest price available. This is particularly true if your research uncovers some other concerning things about the fence company. Still, aluminum fence installation cost is an important consideration and getting numerous quotes will help in your decision process. 


Montco Fence is a team of Aluminum Fence Installers

3.) Quality of Work

The quality of work is another important element that you want to spend some time trying to assess. Many aluminum fence installers in Delaware County will have numerous photos of their work on their website. This can help you get a sense of what the finished product looks like and the quality of their installation services.

You can also look for testimonials from prior customers. Of course, if you know someone that had work done by a company, taking a look in person is a great way to evaluate the quality too. Checking customer reviews is another great way to see what people are saying about the quality and craftsmanship on the fence provider. Simply Googling terms like “aluminum fence company near me” or “fence company Delaware County PA” will populate a list of fence companies in your local area. By clicking on each professional fence company, you will be able to see their reviews and it will help you get a sense of a company’s quality of work. 

The quality of work provided by aluminum fence installers usually comes down to using quality materials. For example, Montco Fence ensures that their products are made and manufactured in the United States, helping guarantee quality while also limiting the chance of experiencing delays with supply chain issues.

4.) Warranties for Your Fence

It’s important that your aluminum fence installer is able to provide you a warranty. After all, you want to feel secure that any issues that occur will be remedied in a timely manner. Many aluminum fence installers will not only provide you a warranty, but they will also do a final walkthrough with you to ensure that any concerns are noted and addressed promptly. 

Having a warranty for any major purchase provides extra reassurance that you are in good hands. That’s why asking about the warranties offered and what they entail is something that will help you decide which aluminum fence installer can best meet your needs. 

5.) Only Use Licensed & Insured Aluminum Fence Installers

This may seem like a small detail, however, it is incredibly important when selecting aluminum fence installers. You only want to work with companies that are fully licensed and insured. If you find an Ardmore fence company that is licensed and insured, it will provide further reassurance that you will be satisfied with the job and are protected. 

Licensed and insured essentially means that the fence and installation company is certified to perform the work and has insurance to protect them (and you) against any unforeseen accidents that occur on the job. A company that is not licensed and insured may provide a very low fence quote; however, you would be putting yourself at significant risk by allowing them to do work on your property. 

Choose the Right Aluminum Fence Installers

When it comes down to any major job for your home or property, getting the right person to meet your needs is critical. As you begin your selection for aluminum fence installers, be sure to consider these 5 important factors as part of your evaluation process. While there are many fence companies in Delaware County PA, we hope that you will consider Montco Fence.

Montco Fence is proud to provide over 50+ years of experience in fencing and installations, and offer an array of options including aluminum, wood fences, PVC vinyl fences, chain link fences, pool fences and more. 

Contact us today for a free fence quote!

Find the Best Aluminum Fence Company Near You

When it comes to searching for an “aluminum fence company near me,” you want to make sure you find the best provider to do the job while also getting the highest quality product for your money. Finding the right aluminum fence company for your project can be difficult because it takes time not only trying to find a provider, but source one with a good reputation and proven track record for quality fence installations.

With so many fence companies offering similar products and services, it can be hard to narrow down your options and find one that is reliable while also being cost-effective. Fortunately, there are a few tips that can help you make an informed decision when you start your search for finding an aluminum fence company near me.

Step 1: Envision What You Want to Do With Your Aluminum Fence

Whether you are looking to add an aluminum fence around your yard or property, it is important that you first envision what the ideal end result

 should look like. Before selecting an aluminum fence contractor, it’s good to have an idea for where you would like your fence to be installed as well as the type of aluminum fence style. If you’re unsure, that’s ok too, because your fence provider can show you an array of options and help you pick one that best meets your needs. 

Find an Aluminum Fence Company Near me by using a Fence Company Delaware County PA

Step 2: Start Your Search Online

The first step to trying to find an aluminum fence company is to search online by simply typing, “aluminum fence company near me.” Search engines like Google or Bing will show you a number of different companies to choose from that are in close proximity to your location. If you want to narrow it down even more, you can search for “Delaware County PA fence companies” or specify certain cities such as “Fence Company in Havertown PA” or “Fence Company in Newtown Square PA.” 

Another helpful tip is looking at online directories like Yelp or CitySearch. Here, they will list several aluminum fence contractors in your local area along with customer reviews which will be covered in step 4! Remember, reviews are just as important when determining which fence contractor to use as it can shed light on the quality of work when it comes to their fencing and installation services.  

Step 3: Review the Products and Services the Aluminum Fence Company Offers – and Consider the Supply Chain

If you are in the market for an aluminum fence, the next step is to review the products and services offered by a quality aluminum fence company near you. This includes researching what type of fencing is available and what options are within your budget. Before making a purchase from an aluminum fence company, it is important to understand their product line and decide which features best suit your needs.

The most common types of fences offered by aluminum fence companies include safety fences for pools, decorative fences, pet containment systems and privacy fences. Each type of fence offers different designs and benefits that can be tailored to fit any yard or business ground. Additionally, many companies also offer maintenance services such as repairs that can help extend the life of your new aluminum fence. It is important to consider all these aspects before selecting a fence contractor.

One other tip in these challenging times – where is the aluminum fencing coming from? Not only is aluminum made in the USA typically of a much higher quality, but purchasing from fence companies that use made in the USA aluminum are also less susceptible to overseas supply chain issues. In the past couple of years, all of us have been affected by extraordinary delays due to supply chain issues. You can minimize this in your fence project with the choice of the right fence company.

Step 4: Research Reviews

When searching for a fencing contractor in Delaware County, PA, researching company reviews is an important step in the process. Reviews are customer testimonies that can provide helpful insight into the quality of service a fencing company can provide you. They can tell you if customers have been satisfied with their fence installation and whether they would recommend the contractor to others. Reviews also help give prospective customers an indication of the contractor’s work ethic and professionalism.

Before selecting a fence company, be sure to read through these reviews thoroughly. Look out for any complaints or issues customers may have had with their fence installations, as this could be indicative of poor workmanship or unprofessional conduct from the contractor. Also pay attention to any positive reviews; these will help you identify which companies take pride in providing excellent customer service. Finding an aluminum fence company near you should not be difficult if you research reviews before making your decision.

Step 5: Get An Estimate

When it comes to undertaking an improvement project, getting an estimate is one of the most important steps. If you’re looking for a Delaware County PA fence company that offers quality aluminum fencing services, then you want to make sure you get the best possible quote. An experienced aluminum fence company near you can provide all the information needed to accurately assess your project, as well as give advice on how best to achieve your desired results.

The first step is researching potential fencing companies and gathering a couple estimates. This will give you a good understanding of pricing in the market and allow you to compare apples-to-apples when it comes time to decide which aluminum fence company near me is right for the job. Make sure any estimate includes all labor and material costs associated with installation so there are no unexpected costs down the road. There’s nothing worse than hidden surprises!

Step 6: Pick the Best Aluminum Fence Company Near You for the Job

Still trying to find an aluminum fence company near me? It can feel like a lot of work trying to determine which contractor is the best choice for your project in Delaware County PA, but you want to make sure you’re hiring an experienced and licensed contractor. A fence contractor that will do the job correctly, on time, and within your budget. 

After you’ve done your research, checked out their online reviews and received a quote, it’s time to make a decision!

Unlock Your Curb Appeal with the Right Fence Installer

If you are looking for an aluminum fence company near me, you’ve come to the right place! Since 1971, Montco Fence has been providing both homeowners and businesses with quality fencing solutions that accentuate their homes and commercial properties. With strong customer service values and superior craftsmanship, Montco Fence is at the top of its game when it comes to providing quality fencing and installations. 

Montco Fence is the perfect choice for homeowners and businesses in Delaware County PA looking for reliable fence installation services. When you work with us, you won’t receive any surprise fees because we act on integrity. 

Contact us for a free fence estimate today!

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Rajasekar Shanmugam
Rajasekar Shanmugam
Had used them to install the Jeridth Aluminum fence for our backyard. The installers arrived around 11AM on the scheduled day. Had discussed and walked around the property to understand our needs. Did a very decent job of providing their expert opinion on the property line alignment for the fencing and completed the job the same day around 5:30PM. Our experience with them on the installation has been awesome and the best part I like is the after sales support / responsiveness from the office...:) They definitely deserve 5 star review.- Raj
Deb DeMarco
Deb DeMarco
Montco fence did out backyard fence and they were great to work with from start to finish. Their installers were delightful, polite, explained everything they were going to do and completed the job in two days. I would highly recommend Montco if you are thinking about a fence. We have also ordered a shed from Montco, we cannot wait until that is done so our backyard is complete! Thank you to everyone at Montco Fence for making this a pleasant experience!
John Whitaker
John Whitaker
I can't say enough about the 2 crews we had for our fence installation. The first crew dug (by hand) the post holes, set the posts and cemented them in. The dirt was raked smooth or it that wasn't possible they moved it to a different location and raked it smooth. I figured the second crew (who built the fence on site 2 days later ) couldn't be better, but they were equally as good and exceptional in discussing how the fence would look when completed and did we approve of their installation plans. Everything was cleaned up before they left and the fence looks great. I recommend this company very highly.
Kimberly Lloyd
Kimberly Lloyd
Nice people. Very helpful
Anthony Pilla
Anthony Pilla
Montco fence did a great job installing our fence! They were very timely and professional. They provided a quick and fair quote. The job was completed in a timely manner. Customer service was great. They cleaned up the yard when finished and our fence looks amazing! Would definitely use again in the future and recommend them!
Amy Hennessey
Amy Hennessey
Very professional and will use them again